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Tokyo Nights

By Vanessa, Mar 22 2019 06:20AM

When I first moved to Japan 9 years ago I was totally in love with everything and my ultimate objective in life was to live and work here. Made it happen. But what's next? Somehow it feels like I'm in a constant transition period, making small changes everyday, avoiding past mistakes, learning by doing - living life.

I always preferred to walk off the beaten path, swim against the stream and do my own thing, no matter what. It can sometimes be isolating and then it's totally up to you to make each day worthwhile and find new goals to challenge yourself with.

Learn to take responsibility of your emotions and consciously choose to be happy no matter the outer circumstances. They should totally teach that in school. Or how to have a growth mindset, be present in each moment, not complain but make changes and value yourself enough to let good people into your life.

My goals this year are first of all to have a good time, go out more and explore places I haven't been to yet and be open for new encounters, learning experiences and oportunities.

Recently for example I had a really wonderful night out in the city. Dinner, Karaoke, dancing to 70's & 80's music and trying out the craziest room at my favorite love hotel "Hotel Sara" - it was truly memorable.

Now spring is here and the cherry blossom is just about to bloom.

Let's enjoy life together!