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My love for Roleplay

By Vanessa, Jun 13 2018 05:32AM

When it comes to roleplay and beeing creative in the bedroom, I love the idea of being transformed into another state of mind, simply by wearing a costume.

Just like having a different personality, depending on what language you speak. When I speak German, I always feel like a pleasantly familiar, slightly intellectual version of myself. English is the open minded and daredevil adventuress and Japanese is a childlike minded girl who finds everything fascinating.

My favorite costume recently has been a tight black leather outfit that has been gifted to me. Wearing it not only makes me horny beyond words, but it also accentuates my beautiful female figure and it has zippers in all the right places.. ;)

A sweet school girl, a dedicated business woman, a kinky nurse or a majestic dominatrix - I really like to bring those characters to life once in a while.

Maybe you would like to be James Bond, being seduced by a Russian spy in a Hotel Bar.. or you would like to have a forbidden and heated encounter with your business associate.

Do you have a fantasy you would like to live out with me?

Tell me and we can make it come true!